Are Race Car Drivers Athletes?


Chris Raynor, MD (l) leads Kyle Tasker (c) through his workout.
By: Kyle Tasker
November 28 2015

As part of a new partnership I will be exploring the question of; ‘Are race car drivers athletes?’ and blogging throughout the seasonhuman20 about my journey to be a better, stronger, healthier and faster version of me right here at

A lot of people believe that a driver just shows up, jumps in the car and wins races, but there is so much more that happens behind the scenes training and preparing for each season, each test and each race.

Driving a race car at its limit is not only physically demanding but mentally taxing. In order for a driver to be at the limit for an entire race or stint, their physical stamina and strength must be 110%.

My road to becoming a better driver has begun. I will be training with Human 2.0 in preparation for my 2016 Canadian Touring Car Championship season. Human 2.0 offers a wide range of services including sports medicine, rehabilitation, group fitness, nutrition and custom bracing. The Human 2.0 facility located in Ottawa, ON features a full functioning gym and a hand full of hand-picked coaches including Chris Raynor MD, owner and operator of Human 2.0.

In 2015, I was satisfied with my driving performance at the 3 race weekends we competed. With the step up to the Canadian Touring Car Championship (CTCC), the races were a bit longer and the competition was much more intense then I was used to in regional racing. Driving with some of Canada’s best in the CTCC series required much more physical strength to man handle the 15112801brace car around the track at the limit for 40 minutes, double the previous race length I was used to. As well the mental focus required, racing on tight street circuits like Honda Indy in Toronto and the Grand Prix du Trois Rivieres, was something I unfortunately lacked in the later part of a 40 minute race.

My physical fitness state going into the offseason is a not quite where I would like to be for the 2016 race season. Physically I have the strength to drive the racing car at the limit but my stamina and mental focus suffer over the longer run. This is where Human 2.0 will work their magic. Creating a program which will help me build my mental and physical stamina and strength so next season I can be at my best!

The first step in this journey will be a baseline fitness assessment at the Human 2.0 facility in Ottawa which I will report on next month.

In the meantime you can check out to see how you can make a better you.  

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