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Kyle Tasker continues his preparations for the 2016 Canadian Touring Car Season at Human 2.0 
By: Kyle Tasker 
January 19 2016

All I ever knew about fitness growing up was lifting weights, not necessarily crazy heavy weights - but to build muscle you had16011906d to lift!

After my trip to Ottawa a month ago, to visit Human 2.0 for my baseline assessment, my eyes were opened to a completely different type of training; mobility training. Using your existing body weight in a creative collaboration of stretches and exercises to help prepare and strengthen the entire body against injury.

Chris Raynor, MD, Amanda Raynor and the other staff at Human 2.0 are all amazing and very welcoming. We started the assessment with some easy laps around the unbelievable facility. Seriously you have to see this place to understand how amazing it truly is. After some additional warm up exercises we got right into the assessment.

Measuring strength and flexibility over the course of the afternoon I was put through a regiment of exercises by trainer Spencer Peters with Chris Raynor working out right alongside me. Testing flexibility with some range of motion tests we then began some movement based exercises. All exercises leveraged my own body weight not dumbbells or barbells.

The current exercise regimen is a baseline workout that I and three other Human 2.0 brand ambassadors are using. Each athlete will receive a custom tailored programs targeted specifically for our unique field of motorsports.

In 2016 my Human 2.0 strength and mobility training will help me be a stronger driver; both physically and mentally. My journey to becoming the best Canadian Touring Car Championship driver I can be has truly begun.

This journey to be a better me will not be a sprint, but a marathon requiring ongoing commitment and focus. The answer to the question, at least for me; โ€œAre race car drivers athletes?โ€ will be seen in the results from a commitment to my training and the results achieved on the racetrack.

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Next month, I will talk with Chris Raynor, MD about the importance of how eating well plays a significant role in my training for the upcoming racing season and beyond.

Check out to see how you can make a better you.   

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