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By: Kyle Tasker
February 29 2016

On a typical morning I wake up and walk into my son’s bedroom and pick him up out of his crib. Bring him down stairs and set him down while I get his morning bottle of milk. From here we go about our day of walking, driving, climbing and being 16 months old, running of course. Not once do we stop and wonder what it would be like if didn’t have the mobility we take for granted every day.

My dream of being a racing driver came true around 5 years ago when my father and I bought our first race car. Since then I have not looked back pushing every day to be a better me, but I quickly learned the level of physical and mental fitness it takes to drive a race car at what we drivers call ‘the limit’. Racing drivers have to train not only on track in the car honing their skills but also off track improving their fitness level to be able to maintain 100% mental and physical focus behind the wheel.

When I learned of a special little girl around the age of my little guy, Jenson, who was recently diagnosed with Spinal Muscular Atrophy in my home town of Peterborough I was struck with a rush of emotions. I was so thankful for Jenson’s state of health, despite being a little boy acquiring bumps and bruises as they get exploring their world.

I was heartbroken for this sweet little girl who may not get the chance to compete in school sports or even something as simple as walking to her classes. I was overwhelmed for the mother, father and extended families and what they would have to face in the coming years.

I learned in just 20 days, over $15,000 was raised for the “Butterflies for Khloe” campaign via When I saw the amazing acts of so many people who may or may not have ever met Khloe there was no question, I wanted to help how ever I could. Brad Miller from Laps4MD, Mike Rice of Infinet Motorsports and myself brainstormed a day or two and came up with the idea to hold our own campaign for Khloe at the Motorama Custom Car and Motorsports Expo called “Cover Kyle Car for Khloe”. More details about the event are available at

Since learning about Khloe I have re-evaluated and focused on some of the things I take for granted like personal mobility and physical health. If I didn’t have my mobility, my dream of racing cars would be a much more difficult challenge that it already is. Physical strength and focus is what allows me and the other drivers in the Canadian Touring Car Championship to race door to door for 40 minutes competitively and safely. These functions are just a few of the required abilities of racing drivers that in general life we do not appreciate until someone like Khloe comes along.

Each day it’s getting closer to the beginning of the 2016 race season in May, I’m thankful to have my health and Human 2.0 onboard building a better me.

As I’m grateful, I ask you to be grateful for your well being and help others who face a different journey than yours.

For more information about the “Butterflies for Khloe campaign please visit or on twitter @CureForKhloe.

Check out to see how you can make a better you.  

Human 2.0

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