13 Different Winners In Thrilling Brighton Kart Klub Season Finale


Drivers in the Rookie 1 division race off turn four to the green flag during Kiwanis of Trenton Kart Klub action at Brighton Speedway on September 1. (Photo-Carley Davis)

By: Clayton Johns/Brighton Speedway
September 2 2016

Brighton, Ontario – Brighton Speedway’s Kiwanis of Trenton Kart Klub season came to a close on Thursday night with a full night of racing plus double features for six divisions to make-up for a partial rainout on August 25. Thirteen different drivers visited victory lane to wrap-up an exciting season.

Box Stock 1

The Box Stock 1 division was the only one that didn’t need a make-up feature, but still raced a full schedule. Coleson Gregory started outside the front row and led the opening two laps. From there Gordie Miller took over out in front of the field and held off the field on a late race restart to claim the victory. Gregory finished second ahead of Colton Lockridge.

Box Stock 1 Feature Results (10 Laps): 1. 15 Gordie Miller, 2. 1 Coleson Gregory, 3. 5c Colton Lockridge, 4. 20 Callie Bristow, 5. 51 Gabe Miller, 6. 17 Ethan Dobb, 7. 89 Colby Ellis.

Box Stock 2

Trevyn McCrillis started on the pole for the Box Stock 2 make-up feature and led all 10 laps to claim the victory. It didn’t come easily though as Cooper McKeown stayed glued to his back bumper until the very end.

In the second race, it was Max McDonald who started up front. Tyson Cooper drove to the lead momentarily after starting outside the front row, but Max retook the lead through the middle of the race and drove to his third win to end the season. Cooper McKeown is the 2016 division champion.

Box Stock 2 Feature Results – August 25 Make-Up (10 Laps): 1. 71 Trevyn McCrillis, 2. 9 Cooper McKeown, 3. 87jr Tyson Cooper, 4. 22 Max McDonald, 5. 57 Jacob Down.

Box Stock 2 Feature Results – September 1 (10 Laps): 1. 22 Max McDonald, 2. 9 Cooper McKeown, 3. 87jr Tyson Cooper, 4. 71 Trevyn McCrillis, 5. 01 Tyson Gregory, 6. 57 Jacob Down.

Rookie 1

The Rookie 1 division started the night with the remaining six laps of their feature to complete from last week. Brooklyn Bowers drove from the fifth starting position to claim the victory, her fourth of the season. Carson McKee and Jace James completed the podium finishing positions.

In the second feature it was Ryan Greig who led the field to the green flag. He led the opening two laps until Jonathan Davidson took over in front of the field on laps three and four until Greig took the top spot back for the final six laps to earn the victory. Carson McKee and Jace James earned the second and third-place spots for the second straight race. Jace James is the division champion.

Rookie 1 Feature Results – August 25 Make-Up (10 Laps): 1. 03 Brooklyn Bowers, 2. 66 Carson McKee, 3. 99J Jace James, 4. 74 Lexi Lucas, 5. 60 Jonathan Davidson, 6. 44 Diego Martin, 7. 48 Ryan Greig.

Rookie 1 Feature Results – September 1 (10 Laps): 1. 48 Ryan Greig, 2. 66 Carson McKee, 3. 99J Jace James, 4. 60 Jonathan Davidson, 5. 03 Brooklyn Bowers, 6. 74 Lexi Lucas, 7. 44 Diego Martin.

Rookie 2

In Rookie 2 action it was Emma Terpstra who started on the pole. She dominated all 10 laps and held off Koen O’Hara. In the second feature, it was Ashton Leclair who led the field to the green flag. O’Hara started outside the front row, but kept pace with the leader Leclair. On lap four, O’Hara took the lead and never looked back to bookend the season with a win after also winning the season opener in May. Emma Terpstra is the 2016 division champion.

Rookie 2 Feature Results – August 25 Make-Up (10 Laps): 1. 22 Emma Terpstra, 2. 83 Koen O’Hara, 3. 76 Ashton Leclair, 4. 20 Nathan Shorts.

Rookie 2 Feature Results – September 1 (10 Laps): 1. 83 Koen O’Hara, 2. 76 Ashton Leclair, 3. 20 Nathan Shorts, 4. 22 Emma Terpstra.

Junior Sportsman 1

James Markland and Carson Down led the Junior Sportsman 1 make-up feature to the start. It was third-place starter Cameron Bristow who made the early move to take second. On lap three, he moved one spot better and passed Markland for the lead. He led the final eight laps to claim the win.

In the second feature, it was Keira Turner and Markland who started on the front row. Turner led the opening half of the race until Carson Down drove took the lead for the final four laps and won his division-high fifth feature. Carson Down also finished the season as the champion.

Junior Sportsman 1 Results – August 25 Make-Up (15 Laps): 1. 99 Cameron Bristow, 2. 55 Carson Down, 3. 21 James Markland, 4. 92 Keira Turner.

Junior Sportsman 1 Results – September 1 (15 Laps): 1. 55 Carson Down, 2. 92 Keira Turner, 3. 99 Cameron Bristow, 4. 21 James Markland.

Junior Sportsman 2

The Junior Sportsman 2 division also had double features to complete. Holly Denard started on the pole for both races. Kaitlyn O’Blenis took the lead though and pulled away to a full straightaway lead over Cole McKeown at the checkered flag.

In the second feature, Holly Denard took advantage of her pole position and led from green to checkered to score her third win of the season. Kaitlyn O’Blenis had another strong race to finish second ahead of division champion Cole McKeown.

Junior Sportsman 2 Results – August 25 Make-Up (15 Laps): 1. 23k Kaitlyn O’Blenis, 2. 11 Cole McKeown, 3. 48 Chandler Leclair, 4. 02 Holly Denard.

Junior Sportsman 2 Results – September 1 (15 Laps): 1. 02 Holly Denard, 2. 23k Kaitlyn O’Blenis, 3. 11 Cole McKeown, 4. 48 Ryan Greig, 5. 17e Emily Peterson.

Junior Restricted

The Junior Restricted division had a well-fought make-up feature with Nathan Rinaldi driving from the sixth-starting spot to claim the victory, his fifth of the season. The second race was equally exciting with AJ Rinaldi leading the opening three laps until he spun in turn four. Cole Perry assumed the lead and held off Kyle Anderson over the final 11 laps, including a green-white-checkered finish to earn his first win of the season. Kyle Anderson claimed the division championship.

Junior Restricted Results – August 25 Make-Up (15 Laps): 1. 3 Nathan Rinaldi, 2. 17 Kyle Anderson, 3. 23 Cole Perry, 4. 77 AJ Rinaldi, 5. 16 Jordan Burrows, 6. 11 Cole McKeown, DNS. 07 Raiah Lough, 16m Michaela Lough.

Junior Restructed Results – September 1 (15 Laps): 1. 23 Cole Perry, 2. 17 Kyle Anderson, 3. 3 Nathan Rinaldi, 4. 77 AJ Rinaldi, 5. 11 Cole McKeown, 6. 16 Jordan Burrows, 7. 16m Michaela Lough, DNS: 07 Raiah Lough.

Up Next – Kart Klub Banquet on September 9

Drivers in the Brighton Speedway Kiwanis of Trenton Kart Klub division will celebrate their season accomplishments at next Thursday’s Kiwanis of Trenton Kart Klub banquet. Tickets can be obtained by contacting the speedway office via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Season Winners

Box Stock 1: 5 – Gabe Miller (June 30, July 7, July 14, July 28, August 25); 3 – Gordie Miller (August 4, August 11, September 1); 2 – Colton Lockridge (June 9, June 16); 2 – Tyson Cooper (May 26; June 2)

Box Stock 2: 4 – Tyson Cooper (June 16, July 7, July 14, August 4); 3 – Trevyn McCrillis (June 9, June 30, August 25); 3 – Max McDonald (July 28, August 11, September 1); 2 – Jacob Down (May 26; June 2);

Rookie 1: 4 – Ryan Greig (May 26, July 14, August 4, August 25); 4 – Brooklyn Bowers (June 2, July 28, August 11, September 1); 3 – Jace James (June 9, June 16, July 7); 1 – Carson McKee (June 30, July 28)

Rookie 2: 5 – Emma Terpstra (June 2, June 16, July 14, August 4, August 25); 2 – Nathan Shorts (July 7, July 28); 3 – Koen O’Hara (May 26, August 11, September 1); 1 – Ashton LeClair (June 9); 1 – Carson Lemanis (June 30);

Jr. Sportsman 1: 5 – Carson Down (May 26, June 16, July 7, July 28, September 1); 4 – Cameron Bristown (June 2, July 14, August 11, August 25); 2 – James Markland (June 9, August 4); 1- Keira Turner (June 30)

Jr. Sportsman 2: 3 – Kaitlyn O’Blenis (May 26, June 30, August 25); 3 – Holly Denard (June 9, August 4, September 1); 2 - Chandler Leclair (June 16, July 14); 2 – Emily Peterson (June 2, July 28); 2 – Cole McKeown (July 7, August 11)

Jr. Restricted: 6 – Kyle Anderson (June 2, June 9, June 16, June 30, July 14, August 4); 5 – Nathan Rinaldi (May 26, July 7, July 28, August 11, August 25); 1 – Cole Perry (September 1)

About Kiwanis Club of Trenton: The Kiwanis Club of Trenton was chartered on April 10, 1951. There are still three active charter members with over 61 years of service to their community. They are Ted Parker, Paul Tripp, and Wayne Simmons. The Kiwanis Club meets at 6:15 every Thursday at the Curling Club on King Street in Trenton. The Kiwanis Club of Trenton supports dozens of local projects, and has done so over the entirety of its 61 years. For more about the projects the Kiwanis Club of Trenton supports, visit www.trentonkiwanis.ca.

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About Brighton Speedway: Brighton Speedway is a 1/3-mile clay stock car racing oval located on the shores of Lake Ontario in Brighton, Ont. The speedway hosts five weekly stock car divisions on Saturday nights from May to September. The weekly Pro Late Model division competes under RUSH Late Model Weekly Series sanctioning.  


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