LAPS4MD Profile - Tomas Casas


Canadian Superbike racer & LAPS4MD supporter Tomas Casas onboard his Yamaha. (Photos-Pierre Desilets & Alex Bilo)

April 20 2017 

This week our Laps4MD Profile rider is Mopar Canadian Superbike racer Tomas Casas.

How did you get interested in racing?

Growing up in Colombia I spend lot’s of time around bikes as my dad was a racer himself. Being around the racetrack and 17042001bbikes allowed me to fall in love with them and it has been in my blood since.

How old were you when you started racing?

I first rode a bike at the age of 4, but my first race was at the age of 5 in the motocross scene. At the age of 11, now living in Canada was my first road racing race!

Who was your favorite driver growing up?

As a kid, even though I raced motocross, Motogp’s Valentino Rossi was my favourite racer and he still is.

Who is your favorite driver now/or driver you look up to?

Valentino Rossi is still my favourite racer whom I look up to. Although there are many other great riders I am a fan of, Rossi is the one I look up to the most and inspires me the most.

What is your favorite track you have driven on?

CTMP, Canadian Tire Motorsports Park (known as mosport) is my favourite race track I’ve been on.

What track would you like to drive on but haven't yet?

The track which I want to drive the most would be Mugello in Italy, which I hope to race in someday.

What series are you racing in now?

I race in the Canadian Superbike Championship (CSBK), as well as the Vintage Road Racing Association (VRRA)

What bike are you riding?

I will be riding onboard the all new 2017 Yamaha YZF-R6 from Yamaha Canada!

What are your goals for the coming season?

My main focus is to win the Pro Sportbike Championship and the VRRA P4F2&3 classes. I will also strive to finish top 10 in the Pro Superbike class.

How did you hear about the LAPS4MD program?

Through other racers who support the sport and trackside fanatics and supporters I learned about Laps for MD.

What made you sign up?

The idea of being able to support a cause while doing what I love and helping others.

Especially talking MD, as an athlete who is constantly in use of their body I also take this for granted. I think it’s pretty awesome to be part of (although a small fraction) the support for MD, which hopefully in the near future allows people to make full use of their body.

Would you encourage other racers to join in support?

I would highly encourage other racers to join in the support as this will help raise awareness and is a great cause. I believe as humans we should take every opportunity we get to help others or a cause and there is no better way than to do it as a community or group.


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