Richert Racing And S.A.R. Introduce The Slingshot Racing Cup


NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Champion, Kyle Busch, driving the Slingshot.

By: Richert Racing
April 12 2017 

Professional race car driver David Richert and S.A.R. Sport and Recreation are pleased to announce the world's first ever Slingshot Racing Cup, an affordable opportunity to experience the world of racing in a safe, fun, and friendly environment.

The Slingshot Racing Cup is a driving championship open to qualified candidates owning a Slingshot and will hold several events at Gimli Motorsport Park in Gimli, MB, throughout this summer. The winner will be given the exclusive opportunity to experience driving Richert's ultra quick open-wheel race car in Europe with a professional race team.

In addition to the fun of driving their Slingshot around the track, and the tantalizing prize, is the fact that all participants will get to compete wheel to wheel with David Richert. Last year, Richert became one of the only Canadians to ever complete a race through the streets of Monte Carlo at the Formula 1 Monaco Grand Prix weekend and he sees the Slingshot Racing Cup as a unique opportunity.

"Being part of something groundbreaking, like the Slingshot Racing Cup, is always a fun experience and getting the chance to do it so close to home will be a bonus. We're right on the edge of taking that last step up into the highest racing championships in the world so this opportunity fits in at a perfect time. I'm looking forward to working with all the other drivers as they experience the unique challenges of racing the Slingshot." -David Richert

The concept was initially developed after the introduction by Polaris of a new and innovative 3 wheeled sport vehicle called Slingshot.

S.A.R. in Steinbach, MB, a dealer for the Slingshot product, took the initiative to enlist the support of professional race car driver David Richert as Brand Ambassador for their Slingshot program in 2016. After a very successful partnership last year, both S.A.R. and Richert Racing have teamed up again, this time to enter uncharted territory and develop the Slingshot Racing Cup.

"We're very excited to pioneer this new venture into the world of Slingshot Racing" says Adam Crookes of S.A.R.. Randy Wolgemuth, also at S.A.R., echoes those sentiments, "The Slingshot is a really fun vehicle to drive on the street and I'm looking forward to seeing it in action on the track."

Further details about the Slingshot Racing Cup are available on the official series website

Contact Randy Wolgemuth at S.A.R. for further inquiries about the championship and how to participate... This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 204.782.3000.

About David Richert:

David Richert is a race car driver who has vaulted himself up onto the world stage of professional motorsports. After growing up on a family farm in Canada, Richert began the pursuit of his dream by cutting his teeth racing go-karts. He was then selected by Volkswagen as one of the top young race car drivers in North America and competed in the Volkswagen Jetta TDI Cup. Richert began building the business side of his racing carer and used success there to advance into the highest levels of racing. Last year, Richert became one of the only Canadians to ever complete a race through the streets of Monte Carlo at the world famous Formula 1 Monaco Grand Prix weekend.

For more information about David Richert, please visit his website at


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